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SecurePets main focus is to help your pets enjoy life!  We provide the options that let your pets enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe and secure.  We offer large dog houses to allow your pets to enjoy the outdoors yet still have a place of refuge in case of extreme weather conditions.  We offer a wide variety of dog houses ... from a small dog house for toy's to  a large dog house ... all the way the extra large dog house for extremely large breeds like the Saint Bernard.  And we carry dog houses made of a variety of materials to meet personal preferences and a wide range of environmental conditions.  We have dog houses made of wood, plastic, heavy duty polyethylene, and eco-Flex ... a new material that offers the look and flexibility of wood with a much longer life expectancy. 

We carry large dog houses with double wall construction and up to 4 inches of insulation.  And all our houses come with options to keep your pet comfortable weather your home is in an area with extremely cold winter conditions or your are located in an area with extremely hot and humid conditions. We have Solar Fans to cool your pet in the summer.  And for extremely warm climates in the south we have air conditioning units that are made specifically for dog houses and are very economical to operate at less that a dollar a day.  For the winter months we have heating pads for the floor of your pets house and we also have a dog house furnace for more seriously cold winter conditions.  If you are somewhere in-between we have an awesome Climate Control device that heats, cools, and dehumidifies ... just set it and forget it! ... it automatically changes from heat to air-conditioning as appropriate.  And finally, what good is a large dog house, with all these heating and cooling options, if it does not have a door?  All of our houses come with optional doors ranging from vinyl flaps to patented swinging doors.

Your pets security outdoors requires more than just a dog house.  Your pet should have the flexibility to enter and exit your home without having to bark and beg especially if you are not home to assist!  We have a complete line of pet doors to give your pet the freedom he deserves.  We have a complete line of dog doors ... from plastic, to aluminum in a variety of sizes.  We have door mount dog doors and wall mount dog doors to fit your particular situation.  We have doors with security panels that can be locked and we have smart doors that will open for your pet, but will not let allow tail-gating by a squirrel or skunk! ... or any unwanted critter!

Once your pet is outside you need a pet containment system or "invisible fence" to keep your pet safely within the boundaries of your property.  A pet containment system ensures your pet will not venture outside your property and get lost, or worse yet, venture into the street and get hit by a car ... or annoy a neighbor just jogging or walking by.  It gives your pet the freedom to enjoy your outdoor surroundings without the risks associated with a yard without a pet containment system.  Again we offer a wide variety of pet containment systems from the wired type (easily installed with a garden edger) to the completely wireless system that can be installed in a matter of minutes.

And finally, we offer a wide variety of training collars that help with training both inside and out side your home ... a well trained and well behaved dog provides a lifetime of love and companionship.


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