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Dogtra 2500TB Beeper / Trainer

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This product is covered by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 2-year warranty from Dogtra.
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The Dogtra 2500T&B is the next generation of powerful and compact training and Beeper collars.  Designed for serious Upland Hunters, the 2500T&B has the most advanced beeper technology making it the world’s finest Training & Beeper Collar .  Locating and maintaining control of your dog are the key ingredients for a successful day afield.  The Dogtra 2500 T&B’s beeper horn is built into the receiver and eliminates the bulky horn that sits on top of your dog’s head like other beeper units.  The beepers locate only mode has two tones, while the run/point & point modes have two tones each that can adjust to 3 different volume levels.  Package contents include a Transmitter, Receiver (two in the 2502 two-dog model), a Battery Charger, Owner’s Manual and Carrying Case.  Additional Owner’s Manuals can be downloaded from the link on the left.  See additional Features of the Dogtra 2500T&B below.

Dogtra 2500T&B Product features:

  • Low to High Power
  • Fully Waterproof Receiver/collar and transmitter
  • Stimulation type – Nick and Constant stimulation modes
  • Rheostat dial allows for gradual increases in stimulation intensity with no jumps between levels (0-127)
  • Two-Dog models allow the trainer to control two different dogs from one transmitter without the hassle of handling unnecessary parts
  • Three beeper Modes: Locate, Run/Point and Point
  • Locate Mode has a high or a low pitch selectable toggle switch for the one dog unit; for the two dog unit, the green collar is set for the high tone and the orange collar is set for the low tone
  • Running/Point Mode, the collar will emit a slow beep when the dog is running, and resume to a rapid beep when the dog is on point. 3 levels with the high tone (H3-high, H2-medium, H1-soft) and low tone (L3-high, L2-medium, L1-soft)
  • Pointing Mode, the collar will remain silent while the dog is running, and will begin to emit sounds when the dog goes on point.
  • Dogtra 2500T&B Series has a 1 mile range
  • Beeper Range of 400 yards
  • Rechargeable, 2-Hour Rapid Charge Lithium Polymer battery
  • Illuminated LCD Screen displays exact level of stimulation
  • Tri Color LED Battery Life Indicator
  • DOGTRA Limited Lifetime Warranty – Click Here to View
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