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Dog House Heater

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Dog House Heater & More To Keep Your Canine Comfortable

Author: James V. Lunden

There is nothing wrong with wanting your dog to stay in their dog house outside, to protect your property and deter trespassers from your home. However in colder months, they may not be able to produce enough body heat to remain comfortable. There are a few steps that any owner can take to make sure your furry family member doesn\'t turn into an icicle over night while the rest of your family sleeps: insulating their dog house, making sure they aren\'t lying directly on the cold ground (dog bed or warm blanket providing a dog house heater for the really cold nights.

Insulating the dog house

There are a number of materials that can be used to insulate your pet\'s dog house. You can line the walls with regular house insulation and cover the insulation with plastic, or plywood. Having a double wall design, with wood shavings in-between the outer and inner wall. Providing a blanket and possibly a dog house heater will provide a triple whammy, but a blanket or bed will be necessary regardless.

Dog blanket or bed

There is no need to put too much thought into this item, especially if the dog house is insulated with a dog house heater: Anything that is an inch or two thick, that keeps your dog\'s body off the cold ground, or floor of the dog house will do. Heated dog blankets are also available on the market.

Dog House Heater

Prices will range from less than $40 to upwards of $100 or more. Look for a heater that keeps the internal temperature of the dog house around 40 degrees or so. A heater will be a great treat for your dog and will make the transition from being in their dog house, to taking them inside much easier on their entire body(including internal organs and joints/limbs).



Getting The Most Out Of A Heated Dog House

Author: James Lunden

There are a few common ways to go about getting or creating a heated dog house for your dog. Obviously, your dog doesn\'t have the dexterity or common-sense to stoke a wood stove in their home away from home; so it\'s necessary to make sure you\'re providing a heat-source that is going to be safe for your dog to be close to. The heater must be either safe to the touch, or be mounted somewhere that your dog can\'t burn themselves on.

First things first: It doesn\'t matter if you\'re buying a heated dog house with a heater built in to it, or if your adding a dog heater to your dog\'s existing shelter -- following a few general guidelines will make your expenses that much more beneficial to your dog.

1.Get the dog\'s house up off the ground. The very best thing you can do to maximize heat in the shelter is to place the doghouse on concrete cinder blocks. While it may seem pointless to put ice cold cinder blocks between the ground and your pet: The closer you are to the ground, the colder it will be (think of how cold a basement is compared to the upper levels of a home).

2.A heat holding blanket, or bedding material will go a long way to help hold heat in the dog house and let your dog\'s body maintain an even temperature.

3.A ceramic heated dog house will be slightly cooler than a heater that utilizes a heat bulb as the source of heat. Each have their own advantages, but be careful that heating elements, or direct  heat from a bulb shouldn\'t be directed at any wood. Instead have the element/bulb directed at open space for safety (or read the instructions with your heater or ready-made heated dog house).  Go to Secure Pets for more information.



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