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Electric Fence Indicator Light Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Fence Indicator Light FAQ

Electric Fence Indicator Light


Q: Is it hard to install?


A: No! Simply Attach the fence light to any wood post or t-post (with optional bracket sold separately).  Run the ground wire either to a ground line on fence or earth ground it.  Take the knocker and hang it over the hot wire on the fence.  That is all there is to it!


Q: Do I have to have a fence clear of weeds before I install my fence light.


A: We highly recommend it.  A fence that has weeds all over it defeats the purpose of having a fence light unless the box has that much output.  Every weed that grows and touches the fence lowers the line voltage on the fence because the fencer is trying to burn them off.  The light monitors the line voltage on the fence.  When the fence is loaded down with weeds then the light is not

going to flash all the time, or in the worst case maybe not at all.  That means that even if the box is showing you have output voltage going to your fence, your actual fence lines do not have enough voltage.  That is also not good for containing livestock.


Q: Where on my fence do I have to install my fence light?


A: Anywhere!  The electric fence light will monitor the condition of your fence when installed to any part of the fence.


Q: Does the light work without the knocker?


A: The light will work without the knocker, however the light is not designed to work without the knocker.  If the light is used without the knocker it will draw a considerable amount of energy from the fence and ground it out in some conditions.


Q: Does the knocker work without the light?


A: Yes


Q: Do you make a predator globe for the light?


A: We currently are working on one.


Q: How do I adjust my knocker?


A: Instructions on how to adjust your knocker came with your fence light.  If you have lost them, refer to the Knocker Air Gap Adjustment link on the previous page.


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