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Fence Chargers go...

SACO-50 Fence Charger


We stock replacement
tranformers and circuit boards
for this charger.

Repair Parts SACO, Silver Streak, and FiShock

Replacement Parts









Electric Fence Indicator Light

Monitor Your Electric Fence from Miles Away!



Electric Fence T-Post Bracket Mounted

Multi-Use T-Post Bracket



Electric Fence Lightning Arrestor

Electric Fence Lightning Diverter -
It Really Works!!!


          SACO-50 Fence Charger

SACO-XX Discontinued - Repair Parts Available

Say It Isn't So!

The Silver Streak Super-50 is an Ideal Replacement! ... or Step up to the Silver Streak Super-100 for just a few dollars more ...

(Click Here to Check Out our Silver Streak Models)


And we will continue to stock parts for the SACO-50 so don't dispair ... we've got your back!

(Click Here for Replacement Parts)

SACO-XX Circuit Board 311-316

Look familiar?  We have all the parts required to make quick and easy repairs for SACO and SILVER STREAK Chargers


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