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Fence Chargers go...
SACO-XX Powered Fence Charger

SACO-XX Fence Charger

We will continue to stock replacement
tranformers and circuit boards
for this charger.

Circuit Board for SACO-XX 311-316 

311-316 Circuit Board 

Larger view below

Amps Watts Joules Voltage
20 miles .1 12 .5 16000 +/- 1000

SACO-XX Fence Charger

SACO-XX Discontinued - Repair Parts Available

Say It Isn't So!

The Silver Streak 20-Mile is an Ideal Replacement! ... or Step up to the Silver Streak Super-50 for just a few dollars more ...

(Click Here to Check Out our Silver Streak Models)


And we will continue to stock parts for the SACO-XX so don't dispair ... we've got your back!

(Click Here for Replacement Parts)

SACO-XX Circuit Board 311-316

Look familiar?  We have all the parts required to make quick and easy repairs for SACO and SILVER STREAK Chargers

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