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 Small Dog Shock Collar

Break-Through Technology for Small Dogs

Static Stimulation, Tone, or Vibratoin

Small Dog Shock Collar - Dog Group 

ET-300 Mini Educatior Remote Training Collar


The ET-300 for Small Dogs - Yorkshire Terrier.jpg




ET-300 "Mini Educator" Remote Dog Trainer Qty:
    Free Swap Out for Quick Snap Nylon Collar
    $8 Value

    Recommended for Dogs 6# or less
    Free Swap Out for Micro Contacts
    $8 Value

    Recommended for Dogs 6# or less or Short Hair
ET-302 "Mini Educator" 2-Dog System Qty:
    Free Swap Out for Quick Snap Nylon Collar
    $8 Value
    Recommended for Dogs 6# or less
    Free Swap Out for Micro Contacts
    $8 Value
    Recommended for Dogs 6# or less

(except Ohio)

This unit is covered by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 2 year warranty from the Manufacturerk.

Small Dog Remote Training Collar - Larger Group 

The new ET-300 Small Dog Training Collar fills a void in training products for toys and small breeds. 

The "Mini Educator" training collar with Remote features just the right low level correction that's perfect for small dogs. It allows for 100 levels of correction from the transmitter that permitts setting just the right stimulation ... small or very small dogs may use somewhere between 0 and 20 whereas larger and/or stubborn dogs can use a level anywhere from 20 to 100.  And it's not limited to 3-5 settings ... you can really fine tune these collars for your dog to get just the right stimulation ... ie, 1or 2 or 3 or 4 or ... or maybe your dog responds best to a 12!

The ET-100 "Mini Educator" can also be used in Vibration Mode ... some dogs actually respond better to vibration than they do to static stimulation and it's completely harmless.

 And yet other dogs respond to just a Tone.  Many dogs have been trained on invisible fences where they get a tone or vibration as a warning when they approach the fence boundary.  ... these dogs are already familiar with the meaning of a tone or vibration and will adjust to the"Mini Educator" very quickly. 

We also offer Soft Nylon collars with Quick Connect at no extra charge ... these collars work much better with small breeds and easily conform to a smaller neck size than the more rigid plastic collars. 

ET-300 Quick Snap Nylon Collar

And similiarly, we offer Micro Contacts at no extra charge ... these also work much better with small dogs and short hair.

3/8" Micro Contact Points

The "Mini Educator" Shock Collar for Small Dogs uses long-life, user-replaceable, 2 Hour Quick Charge (Li-Polymer Batteries) (included) and there are Low Battery indicators on both the Transmitter and Receiver Collar ... both are also waterproof and the transmitter even floats in case you accidently drop it in the lake!

These Training Collars for Small Dogs have a range up to 1/2 mile. The night tracking light is controlled by the transmitter allowing the user to flash or continuously light up the collar receiver for locating your dog after dark ... you should never have to chase Fido again!  There is also a Lost Transmitter Beeper thath can be turned on to help locate a misplaced or lost transmitter.  This company has thought of EVERYTHING and proudly manufactures these Mini Educator Training Collars in the USA to insure the Quality you and your dog deserve!  And they stand behind that Quality with a 2-Year Warranty and a Limited Lifetime Warranty ... by far the best in the industry.

These collars are incredible ... be sure to watch the VIDEOS to fully understand the power and flexiblity of the Mini Educator Training Collar!



  • 5 lbs. and Larger
  • 1/2 Mile Range
  • 100 Levels with “Lock and Set” (Patent Pending)
  • Night Blue LCD Display
  • Remote Tracking Light
  • Instant Adjustable Booster Buttons (Patent Pending)
  • Momentary and Continuous Buttons
  • Tapping Sensation Button (Improved Vibration)
  • Floating Transmitter
  • 2 Hour Quick Charge (Li-Polymer Batteries)
  • Low Battery Indicators on Both Units
  • Lost Transmitter Beeper
  • Completely Waterproof to 500’
  • Convertible to a 2 Dog System
  • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Batteries Exempt)
  • Assembled in the USA



  • One Waterproof Miniature Collar Receiver
  • One Waterproof Miniature Floating Remote
  • One �” X 30” Biothane Collar (Ready to Be Cut to Size)
  • Optional Free Swap Out for the Quick Snap Nylon Collars
  • Two Sets of Contact Points (5/8” and �”)
  • Optional Free Swap Out for MICRO CONTACTS
  • Contact Point Removal Tool
  • Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V)
  • Owner’s Manual with Training Tips
  • Lanyard for the Remote





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