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Pet Containment System Accessories
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LP-4100 Lightning Protection System
Protects both the AC connection and the containment wire.
Qty: $39.95   
RFA-450 Wire Break Locator (non-returnable) Qty: $69.95  
STP-100 Box of 100 Sod Staples
Useful for above-ground pet fence installations
Qty: $19.95  
Additional and Replacement Collars for PetSafe InGround Systems
Note: Any PetSafe InGround Collar will work with any PetSafe Inground System
PetSafePUL-250: PetSafe Ultralight Collar (1 correction level)
Original equipment w/ RF-3004W System
Qty: $64.95
PetSafePRF-275-19: PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar (5 correction levels) Original equipment w/ PIG00-10777 System   Qty: $74.95
PetSafePUL-275: PetSafe Deluxe Collar (5 correction levels)
Original equipment w/ RF-304W System       
Qty: $99.95
PetSafePIG00-10778 Little Dog Collar (5 correction levels)
Original equipment w/ PIG00-10773 Little Dog System
Qty: $109.95
PetSafePIG00-11006 Cat Fence Collar (5 correction levels)
Original equipment w/ PIG00-11007Cat Fence System
Qty: $99.95
Additional and Replacement Collars for PetSafe Wireless Systems
PetSafePIF-275-19: PetSafe Instant Fence Collar
Original Equipment with the IF-300 Instant Fence
Qty: $119.95
PetSafe Batteries
PetSafeRFA-67D-11: PetSafe Battery Module (2 pack) Qty: $10
PetSafeRFA-67D-11: Case of PetSafe Battery Modules (20 batteries) Qty: $90
PetSafeRFA-188 3-volt 'Nano' battery module
Qty: $8.95
PetSafeRFA-188 Case of PetSafe 3-volt 'Nano' battery module (10 batteries)
Qty: $90
PetSafeRFA-18-11 6 volt alkaline battery
Qty: $8.95
PetSafeRFA-35-11 3 volt lithium battry (2-pack)
Qty: $9.95
Additional Wire, Flags, and Boundary Kits
PetSafeRFA-1: 500' PetSafe/Innotek 20 ga. wire  Qty: $34.95  
PetSafeRFA-2: 50 White Boundary Flags Qty: $15.95
PetSafePRFA-500 PetSafe Boundary Kit for larger yards
Contains 500' of wire, 50 flags, wire splices
Qty: $44.95  
SportDOG SDF-WF Boundary Kit
500' wire, 50 boundary flags, waterproof splices
Qty: $59.95

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