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Pet Containment Systems Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Yard

Pet Containment Systems

Help your pet enjoy life by keeping him safe in your yard. Our underground pet fence systems are a cost-effective alternative to traditional fencing. Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar that gives a warning followed by a light static correction when it approaches the system boundary. These systems are safe, humane, and highly effective when your pet is properly trained.  If the choices seem overwhelming or confusing to you, our articles (listed below) may help you make an informed decision.

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Pet Containment Systems

Basic Systems
Rechargeable Systems
Specialty Systems

PetSafe PRF-3004W Pet Containment SystemPetSafe Basic Fence
PRF-3004W / PIG00-13661. Single correction level. Includes 500 feet of wire. Contains up to 10 acres. Uses the PetSafe RFA-67 Battery. $159.95


PetSafe PRF-304 Deluxe FencePetSafe Deluxe Fence
PRF-304W. Adjustable correction levels with tone only option allows you to tailor the system for each pet. Includes 500 feet of wire. Contains up to 25 acres. Uses the PetSafe RFA-67 Battery. $229.95


Innotek SD-3000 Pet Containment SystemBasic Contain 'n Train
SD-3000 Single dog Contain ' Train system. Uses 6-volt camera batteries. 150 yd range. Remote Training feature may be used anywhere. $209.95

Innotek IUC-4100 UltraSmart Pet Containment SystemUltraSmart System
IUC-4100 / PIG00-13619. Innotek's UltraSmart series features ReadyTest technology, and contoured rechargeable receiver collars that are 30% smaller than comparable unts and charge in just 2 hours. $299.95


Innotek IUC-5100 UltraSmart Contain 'n TrainDeluxe Contain 'n Train
IUC-5100. UltraSmart Waterproof combination Containment and Training system for up to 2 dogs. Remote Training feature may be used anywhere. Recharges in just 2 hours. $339.95


Dogtra eFence Pet Containment SystemDogtra ef-3500
Lighweight, waterproof rechargeable collar features vibration pager warning. 5 levels of correction and up to 40 acre range. $199.99

PetSafe Little Dog FenceLittle Dog Fence
PIG00-10773. Five correction levels. Includes 500 feet of wire. Contains up to 25 acres. Uses the PetSafe RFA-188 Battery. Designed for miniature breeds, but suitable for dogs up to 55 lbs. $229.95

PetSafe StubbornDog FenceStubborn Dog Fence
PIG00-10777/MIG00-10939. Five correction levels. Includes 500 feet of wire. Contains up to 10 acres. Uses common 9-volt batteries. Designed for large, stubborn, or hard to train dogs. $194.95

SportDog Large Area Pet Containment SystemSportDog System
SDF-100A. For Large yards and farms up to 100 acres. Adjustable correction levels with vibration only option. Includes 1000' of wire. Uses common 9-volt batteries. $239.95

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