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Pet Containment Fence Systems Article: Containment System Training Tips
A containment system is a tool you can use to teach your dog its new boundaries. Please remember that all dogs learn to respond to a containment system at different rates depending on age, breed, quality of the training, and the intervals of and between training. Remember too that dogs do not speak English and they must have simple short phrases or words given while showing what is expected of them. As with all dog training, consistency is the key to success. We carry an extensive line of pet containment systems tailored to most any circumstance.
  1. Place the collar on your dog's neck and allow your dog to run around the yard while the transmitter is unplugged from the wall, so your dog can get used to wearing the new collar.
  2. Train 3 times a day in sessions of 10 to 15 minutes for good results.
    Make sure that the flags are positioned where the tone begins (not directly on the boundary wire).
  3. Place the collar receiver on your dog with the dog's regular collar attached to a leash.
  4. Coax your dog towards the line like you're taking the dog for a walk. As soon as you hear the beep, run back with your dog to the center of the yard. When doing this, make it appear that it's a game for your dog. Making it fun for the dog will speed the learning process.
  5. Repeat step 4 until your dog runs away without coaxing.
  6. After your dog has mastered running from the tone, it is time to give your dog a correction. Keep the leash on your dog and run towards the boundary line, making sure that you and your dog go into the field far and long enough to receive a correction.
  7. When the correction is felt by your dog run back to the middle of the yard where your dog knows that it is safe. You will only get one shot at this each session. Watch for signs of your dog lunging forward to try to break through the boundary system. If your dog does this, repeat the above steps until your dog runs back to the safe area on its own.

After your dog masters Step 7, allow the dog to run in the yard under supervision for about an hour. Then leave your dog in the yard while going inside and watching through a window periodically

The best tip is not to rush your dog, even if your dog is the smartest in the world. Each dog learns differently.

Article courtesy of Innotek Pet Products

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