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Dogwalk Premium Dog Doors, Extreme Conditions Welcome




















Hanzel In Door

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
  • Designed to be rugged and stylish
  • Professional Finish and Appearance
  • Beveled Frame – just like a picture frame
  • Bayer Flexible Desmopan Flap – will not puncture, tear or change shape in extreme low or high temperature; guaranteed for the life of the door
  • Flaps dark tint prevents sun damage, increases insulation and Security
  • Flap is larger on the sides (see profile below) to add surface area for more and better contact with the woven pile brushes

    Dual Flap profileDual Flap option creates an air pocket between the flaps doubling the protection against drafts providing superior insulation
    Polycarbonate (Makrolon)Self Framing – completely frames in the hole in your door quickly and easilyDogwalk Door Dimensions
    Security Panel – made of high impact Polycarbonate (Makrolon) which is bullet proof; when locked in place it is virtually impenetrable; easy to slide into place and lock

Door Mount Door – fits doors 1 ¼” to 2 ¼” thick

Wall Mount Door – fits walls 4” to 7 ½”; tunnel requires no cutting or assembling and completely frames in the hole quickly and easily

3-year warranty from Pet-Tek on the doors; lifetime warranty on the Flap

Dogwalk Door Mount Security Dog Doors

Dogwalk Security Dog Doors
For Door Installation

Dogwalk Wall Mount Security Dog Doors

Dogwalk Security Dog Doors
For Wall Installation

Aluminum Finish

DADDSS-A Small Single Flap Qty: $149
DADDDS-A Small Dual Flap Qty: $229
DADDSM-A Med Single Flap Qty: $169
DADDDM-A Med Dual Flap Qty: $269
DADDSL-A Large Single Flap Qty: $210
DADDDL-A Large Dual Flap
Qty: $319
DADDSXL-A XL Single Flap
Qty: $259
Qty: $399
Aluminum Finish
WADDSS-A Small Single Flap Qty: $209
WADDDS-A Small Dual Flap Qty: $249
WADDSM-A Med Single Flap Qty: $239
WADDDM-A Med Dual Flap Qty: $290
WADDSL-A Large Single Flap Qty: $269
WADDDL-A Large Dual Flap
Qty: $349
WADDSXL-A XL Single Flap
Qty: $339
Qty: $449

White Finish

DADDSS-W Small Single Flap Qty: $149
DADDDS-W Small Dual Flap Qty: $229
DADDSM-W Med Single Flap Qty: $169
DADDDM-W Med Dual Flap Qty: $269
DADDSL-W Large Single Flap Qty: $210
DADDDL-W Large Dual Flap
Qty: $319
DADDSXL-W XL Single Flap
Qty: $259
Qty: $399
White Finish
WADDSS-W Small Single Flap Qty: $209
WADDDS-W Small Dual Flap Qty: $249
WADDSM-W Med Single Flap Qty: $239
WADDDM-W Med Dual Flap Qty: $290
WADDSL-W Large Single Flap Qty: $269
WADDDL-W Large Dual Flap
Qty: $349
WADDSXL-W XL Single Flap
Qty: $339
Qty: $449

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