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Pet Containment Fence Systems

Article: Is it hard to install an electronic pet containment system?
While installing a high-tech pet fence system might seem to be a daunting task, it is actually fairly straight forward, and leans more toward 'grunt work' than anything else. You are not handling any wires that carry electrical current, so there is no need for an electrical or engineering background. We will try to outline a basic installation based on our experiences. Please review the following steps to see if you would be comfortable installing your own system.

Step 1: If you have not installed a system before, start by viewing the DVD that is included with every system. This will cover basic installation techniques, as well as dog training methods. The PetSafe Corporation provides a free online video/slideshow (opens in a new window) that explains how their systems work, and basic installation procedures. While the video is tailored for PetSafe brand systems, the basic concepts apply to all electronic in-ground fence systems.

Step 2: Determine the best location for the transmitter. The transmitter needs to be mounted in a area protected from the elements, and near a standard electrical outlet. Ideal locations include a garage, shed, carport, or covered porch.

Step 3: Sketch out a rough outline of your containment area on paper, then lay the boundary wire on the ground according to your 'map'. You will need to start at the transmitter and eventually work your way back, completing a closed loop that begins and ends at the transmitter. You will need to twist the wires together on the run from the boundary back to the transmitter to cancel the signal in this portion of the system. If you have the BD-01 pre-twisted 'FasTrac Wire', you will simply run this wire from the transmitter to the outer portion of your property. You will then splice the green boundary wire into the FasTrac wire, and complete the loop.

Step 4: After you have laid out your boundary wire on the ground, complete any splices (such as at the FasTrac wire), insert the boundary wire into the transmitter, then plug the transmitter into the electrical outlet. Use the receiver collar to walk the boundary, making adjustments to the wire as necessary. You may listen for the receiver to beep when it picks up the boundary signal, or use the included 'test light' to tell when the receiver responds.

Step 5: Once you are satisified with the wire layout, you may finish the installation by either burying the boundary wire or fastening it to the ground with sod staples. If you choose to bury the wire, you may use a flat blade shovel to create a slit in the ground for the wire, but it is far easier to use a lawn edger to cut a small trench. Simply push the wire into the trench, then cover it back with your foot or shovel. You only need to bury the wire an inch or two for most installations. If you would rather not bury the wire, you may 'staple' it to the ground every 5 feet or so with sod staples. They are available on our Accessories Page, or at home centers such as Home Depot. Make sure the wire is snug to the ground if you choose this method, so it will not become tangled in your lawn mower. You may want to use a weed eater to create a 'bare track' on the ground for the wire and staples.

Step 6: Place the boundary flags at the point where your dog will first get a warning tone. You need to place a flag every ten feet, unless the boundary is already marked by a physical barrier such as a fence, tree line, hedge row, etc.

Step 7: Train your dog according to the instructions on the DVD. Most dogs will begin to learn the system in a few days, but you should complete the prescribed training times to make sure your dog knows his new boundaries

Most standard installations can be easily completed in a half-day or so. If you need additional assistance or have a tricky installation, please email Secure Pets with your questions.

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