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Helping Your Pets Enjoy Life!

Help your pets enjoy life by providing a comfortable, climate controlled house just for them. Secure Pets is pleased to offer affordable, insulated dog houses to fit any budget.  No more worrying whether your pet is comfortable in extremely cold or hot weather.  Our insulated houses are ruggedly constructed of rotational-molded plastic similar to popular children's playhouses. The walls and roof are filled with 2" of insulation, while the floor features 4" of foam insulating material to provide the ultimate in comfort for your pet both summer and winter. The inside floor is slightly sloped toward a drain hole to permit easy cleaning and draining of the house.  Windows are included to provide light into the house and to permit your pet to see outside, and are removable to provide summer ventilation.  The insulated dog house by ASL Solutions includes a patented double-hinged door to seal out drafts while allowing your pet the freedom to come and go as it wishes (click to view an animation of the door operation). This amazing insulated dog house is constructed of 5 floor and wall panels which easily snap together and are secured by phillips screws.  The one-piece roof assembly fits snugly on top to eliminate both air and water leakage.  The house easily assembles in approximately 30 minutes using only a phillips screwdriver.  Some climates require heated dog houses for your dogs comfort ... others require cooled dog houses ... and still other climates require complete climate control with both heating and air conditioning.  Wether you need a heated dog house or complete climate control these insulated dog houses are a perfect fit!  Click any option on the left for more details.

  • Dimensions 31-3/4"W X 48" L X 38-3/4" H
    (includes roof overhang)
  • Inside Dimensions  24" W X 36" L X 31" H
  • Door Dimensions 16" H X 15-1/2" W
  • Assembled Weight 66 pounds
  • 10-Year WARRANTY - cracking and breaking
  • Ships in two boxes
  • Multiple Heating & Cooling Options

During recent testing, our insulated dog house was subjected to various exterior temperatures with a 100-watt light bulb inside to simulate a dog's body heat.  We let the numbers speak for themselves in the following graph of inside temperature versus outside temperature.  We also offer several options (above) to heat these houses for use in colder climates.

Insulated Dog House Performance Data

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