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Help Your Pet Enjoy Life: Cozy Beds for your favorite Dog or Cat

Heated Beds provide comfort and warmth for your best friend

PetSafe Wellness SleeperPetSafe Wellness Sleeper
Heated pet beds with specialized orthofoam give maximum support to hips and joints.
LectroKennel Standard and Igloo Heated Pads
Heated pads offer warmth and comfort to your pet. Perfect for older or whelping dogs. Unique 'Igloo' shape fits popular dog houses.

PetSafe Wellness Bed
Heated, cozy bed with vibrating massage helps your pet feel his best every day.

LectroKennel Thermo and Ortho Thermo LectroKennel Thermo and Ortho Heated PadsHeated Beds
Specificially designed to match your pets body temperature.

PetSafe Universal Bed Warmer
Universal Pet Bed Warmer
Quickly convert any 'pillow type' pet bed or cushion to a heated bed. Chew resistant cord. UL listed for safety.

CoolBed III Pet Beds
CoolBed III Pet BedsSoft water foam mats draw the heat from your pet, making a cool, relaxing spot.


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