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Press Release: Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Clinton, Tenn. (PRWEB) November 27, 2007 -- If there's one thing pet owners enjoy year-round, it's their pets. Chuck Yost of Secure Pets discusses how people can brighten the lives of their favorite dog lovers this Christmas season with pet gifts.

"Pets become a part of our families, and yet so many people forget about the when holiday time comes," said Yost. "Getting a nice pet gift this holiday season will make your favorite pet lover's Christmas."

For Christmas shoppers looking for dog lover gifts on a budget, Yost suggests individual doggy day spa products starting at $14, or a dog spa gift set starting at $30, as potential pet gifts. These gifts include specially formulated shampoos, bath spritzes, and even an all-natural paw rub that heals and moisturizes a dog's paws. Another dog gift suggestion is a heated water bowl, which starts at $35.

"With outside dogs, you have to worry about their water freezing up over the winter," Yost said. "A heated water bowl keeps the water from freezing, so the dog will have a fresh, unfrozen supply of water all winter. It's a little extra something that will really help both pet and owner."

For those who have a little more to spend on pet gifts, Yost recommends heated pet beds. Beds range from $50 to about $75. Most have removable heaters, and the beds themselves are machine-washable.

"Heated beds are especially good gifts for sick or older dogs, though they're usually reserved for inside dogs," Yost said. "Even with the heater on in the house, a dog's favorite sleeping place may still be pretty cold. With the temperature steadily dropping, you'd want your pets to be as comfortable as possible."

People who have higher budgets or friends with outside dogs have the option of insulated dog houses, which run $125 for small- to medium-sized dogs and start at $219 for large ones. Yost suggests these pet gifts for outside dogs, especially those who live in much colder climates.

"Dogs need protection from both the cold and the elements, unless a dog has been specially bred to withstand the cold," Yost said. "A relatively warm, insulated dog house would be an excellent dog gift idea for the Christmas season."

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