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PetSafe PRF-304W Deluxe Pet Containment System

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PetSafe UL-275 Five Level Receiver Collar

  • 25 acre range
  • Waterproof PUL-275 Ultralight (1.5 oz.) receiver collar features 4 programmable correction levels plus a beep only mode
  • Uses PetSafe
    RFA-67D-11 Battery pack (included)
  • Low battery indicator on Receiver Collar
  • Built in lightning protection
  • Audible wire break warning tone
  • Training and Installation DVD
  • Complete kit, ready to install
  • Recommended for pets 6 months or older
18 vs 20 gauge wire


IUC-4225 Discontinued

            WE WANT TO HELP!

It is a real shame that spare parts are no longer readily available but the BONES of your system (ie, Wire in the ground) is still good ... the transition to a new system is very straight forward ... just replace the transmitter on the wall and you are good to go!  We recommend replacing your existing system with the Dogtra eF3500.   It's a great value ... the Dogtra eF-3500 is our best seller ... a very high quality and reliable system and Dogtra provides outstanding service and support should you ever need repairs or spare parts.  Just click below for all the latest details:

   or just give us a call at the toll free number below


PRF-304W Deluxe Containment System Qty:
MIG00-10938 Deluxe Containment System
Same as RF-304 WITHOUT Wire
PUL-275 Additional Ultralight Receiver Collar Qty:
RFA-1 500' Roll of 20ga. Boundary Wire Qty: $34.95
PRFA-500 PetSafe Boundary Kit for larger yards
Contains 500' of wire, 50 flags, wire splices
PetSafe RFA-67D-11 6-volt batteries (2-pack) Qty: $10
PIRF-100 Indoor Radio Fence (Info)
Restricts rooms or areas inside the house
LP-4100 Lightning Protection System
RFA-450 Wire Break Locator (non-returnable)
Note: This item is for the US and Canadian markets only. International customers should browse to PetSafe International to locate a dealer.
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PetSafe RF-304W Deluxe Containment System

Download Owner's Manual

The PRF-304W is PetSafe's most advanced containment system. Simply bury the 20 ga. wire (click for common installation questions) an inch or two deep around the perimeter of the area where you wish to contain your pet, connect it to the transmitter, and place the collar/receiver on your pet. The PUL-275 receiver allows you to program one of 5 correction levels for your pet. Level  One is a warning tone only, for training or timid pets. The correction strength increases through level 5, which is for stubborn dogs. The Deluxe kit also features built-in lightning protection, and an audible warning tone in the event of a wire break. You may vary the correction zone (the distance from the wire that the collar reacts) from 1' to 15'.

The kit protects/contains up to 25 acres, and includes a PUL-275 programmable receiver/collar, 500 feet of wire (will enclose approx. 1/3 acre), 50 boundary flags, long and short hair contact probes, and PetSafe's RFA-67D-11 6 volt battery pack. The MIG00-10938 is identical, but does not contain any boundary wire. Additional collars, wire, and flags are available on our Systems Accessories page. Like all PetSafe systems, you may use any PetSafe receiver collar with this unit, with the exception of the 'Instant Fence' receiver. Includes a 30-day money back warranty. Also includes a 1 year parts and labor warranty and a Lifetime parts warranty.

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