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TriTronics Sport 65-BPR G3 Trainer/Beeper

The Upland G3 is ready to control up to 3 receivers

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Tri-Tronics Trainers are covered by our 60-day money back guarantee, as well as a 2-year warranty from Tri-Tronics.

  • 1/2 mile range
  • 10 levels of both momentary and continuous stimulation
  • Expandable up to 3 dogs by purchasing additional EXP Receiver/Beepers.
  • Waterproof collar and transmitter
  • Battery life indicator in receiver tells you the amount of charge remaining
  • Quick Charge – ability to fully charge your receiver in two hours
  • Convenient cradle charging system for receiver – no more plugs to lose or replace
  • Trickle charge - leave your receiver on charge as long as you want
  • NiMH rechargeable battery (included) in collar, 9-volt replaceable battery (included) in transmitter
  • Instantly change the type and intensity of stimulation at the transmitter
  • Removable battery pack on receiver
  • On/off switch on the collar
  • Includes Owner’s Guide and Product Operation / Training Guide DVD, Transmitter lanyard
    Beeper features include:
  • 1/2 mile range
  • Range/Point and Point-only modes
  • Low and high volume
  • Beeper on/off, and the locate feature are all operated remotely from your transmitter
  • Four run tones: single, double, and triple beep; also tracking tone
  • Two point tones: single tone and hawk scream
  • Beeper position is adjustable – unit fits both larger and smaller breeds
TriTronics Sport Upland G3 Trainer/Beeper
Includes 2 additional color-coded straps
Qty: $349 
TriTronics EXP Receiver/Beeper
Expands the Upland G3 up to 3 dogs
Qty: $229 
TriTronics G2/G3 Receiver Battery Pack
Qty: $39.95 

The economical way to train and keep track of your bird dog. Remote trainer and Beeper in one unit. 20 total levels of stimulation (10 momentary & 10 continuous) adjustable from the transmitter AND a built-in Beeper Collar.

The new Sport Upland G3 combines the popular and economical Sport Series Remote Trainer with the feature-packed Tri-Tronics Beeper. This unique design allows activation or deactivation of the Beeper from up to a 1/2 mile away. The Beeper is adjustable on the collar strap to stay correctly positioned and fit any sized dog. You will always know where your dog is hunting and when he goes on point. Control your dog and control his beeper, all with one small transmitter. It’s easy to carry no matter where or what you hunt. Tone on dial. The Sport Upland G3 is expandable up to 3 dogs by simply adding 'EXP Receiver/Beepers', and includes additional color-coded collar straps for future expansion.

New enhancements with the "G3" introduction include a newly styled transmitter that features a "rubberized" grip area, a sleeker-looking antenna, and it is now fully waterproof.

The new Sport Upland G3 offers a reciever that is now made from Lexan - the same material used to make bulletproof products and the receiver now offers a totally redesigned battery charging system - no exposed charging port or covers to remove or replace. The new removable, rechargeable battery pack allows you to keep an extra battery pack with you and change it in the field if necessary. This new charging system is also a "smart" system - it automatically reads battery capacity and adjusts the charging time as needed. Fully charged units may be left on the charger indefinitely. The new high speed charging rate ensures that a totally discharged unit will fully recharge in two hours which means you can be back to your sport of choice quickly. Lights indicate charging status and let you know when the unit has a full charge.

The collar/receiver has been reduced to two-thirds of its former size and weight. With its smaller size and improved curved shape, the G3 receiver is more comfortable for all breeds of dog. Despite its smaller size, the G3 receiver sacrifices nothing in the key areas of ruggedness, reliability, range, and stimulation intensity.

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