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PDT00-11234 PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

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PetSafe PDT00-11234 Remote Spray Trainer Package

  • 300 yard range
  • Waterproof transmitter
  • Waterproof receiver
  • 4 levels of spray
  • Positve and Negative Tone Only buttons
  • Rechargeable batteries in both the transmitter and receiver
  • Fits necks up to 28"
  • Lanyard
  • Instructions
  • Lifetime Limited warranty
PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer Qty:
Citronella / Lemon Spray Refill Qty:
Scentless Spray Refill Qty:
This product contains a pressurized aerosol can and may only
be shipped via UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post service.
Protected by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a lifetime warranty from PetSafe.
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PetSafe PDT00-11234 Remote Spray Trainer

The rechargeable PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer is safe, comfortable, effective for any size pet, and has no secondary side effects such as pain or fear. The hand held remote controls a spray collar worn by your dog. You may choose from 4 levels of spray, as well as sound two tones to reinforce your training. To use the system, simply interrupt (spritz) your dog while he is in the process of misbehaving. After receiving a few sprays in a specific situation, the dog will attempt to avoid bad behavior in order to spare himself another spray.

The spray cannister contains a lemon fragrance spray that dogs find unpleasant. It dissapates quickly, and is completely safe for humans and pets.

Both the Transmitter and Receiver are waterproof and submersible. The kit includes the remote, the receiver collar, charging unit, lanyard, lemon spray can, and instructions.

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